Sigurnost AS

Dear Sir or Madam,                                                      


Let us introduce our company and the security field we are covering:

Joint stock company Sigurnost AS was founded in 2002. and it provides services in security system on the entire territory of Serbia. We were founded as a daughter company of a well-known leader in the field of private security, Sigurnost Vračar, which is also a pioneer of private security in Serbia. The company is licensed by the Ministry of the Interior for the jobs of physical security and money security escort.

The other company we work through and complete our service is Security Centre P.A.R.K. Ltd., which specializes for risk assessments, states of emergency and work safety. It was founded in 2018. The abbreviation P.A.R.K. in the name of the company stands for: Assessments, Analysis, Risks, Clients (Serbian: Procene, Analize, Rizici, Klijenata).


Our service is based on meeting the needs of our clients in the following fields:


Health work safety (HWS) Work safety


The service is provided according to the licence No issued by the Ministry of Labour, Administration for work safety and health. The Act on Risk Assessment is the document made according to the systemic recording and assessment of all the factors in the work process, possible kinds of dangers and harmful agents in the work place and environment that could cause injuries at work, health impairment and a disease of an employee.


Our employees make the following acts for your needs:


  • Acts on work place risk assessment;
  • Designing training programmes
  • Training of employees for safe and healthy work.
  • Writing the Manuals and Rulebooks in the field of health work safety;
  • Keeping the register according to legal requirements


Through our company you can engage a safety officer who will represent you in case of the visit of the inspection to your company (with flat monthly fee):

  • The person engaged for the jobs of HWS supervises the implementation of regulations in the company;
  • Does the jobs of health work safety;
  • Keeps the records regulated by the law;
  • Follows the injuries, makes the injury lists and contacts the Ministries.

Physical protection of facilities


We do it by the direct watch of uniformed employees on the protected facilities for the safety and protection of people and property of the client.

The service is provided according to the license issued by the Ministry of the Interior to our company.


Sigurnost–AS pays special attention to the process of selection and employment of the staff who will do the jobs of physical protection. During the selection we pay attention to the age and education structure, as well as to the psychological and physical characteristics of the candidate. We employ only the licensed experts and perform constant supervision of the provided service.

We can also provide services in anti-diversion protection of the facilities since we have employees who have the certificates in this field as well.


Besides physical protection, we also provide security services for public gatherings and other events. We can boast with rich experience in this field, both in the open air and in all the halls around Serbia.


Fire protection of facilities


Depending on the form of fire protection you need, we provide the following services:

Direct watching of the uniformed fire fighters on the protected facility;

We provide the service ”People for fire protection services“ (We represent you before the inspection);


For your needs, we can make the following Acts:

  • Fire protection rules;
  • The plan of fire protection training for the employees ;
  • The plan of evacuation from the facility;


We provide the services of fire protection watch with renting firefighting equipment during:

  • Cutting, soldering and welding on the facilities;
  • Public gatherings and other events;
  • Cutting of cisterns, cistern decanting etc.
  • In cases of emergencies on the road where your goods are exposed to a fire risk;

We sell fire protection equipment and products for extinguishing fires.


Protection of money and other valuables in transport


The service is provided according to the license issued to our company by the Ministry of the Interior.

The service is provided by a vehicle and with armed employees for physical protection who do the jobs of taking over the deliveries in the field, the transfer and the delivery to the address according to the client’s wish.

  • We own armoured, adapted and passangers vehicles for the needs of special transport;
  • We employ the people with long experience in these jobs;
  • We perform permanent education of this staff;
  • We perform the supervision and internal control of the work of these employees;


We offer the services of transport and escort of weapons and military equipment in accordance with Article 74 of the Law on the production and sales of military equipment on the territory of Serbia.


We provide the escort of dangerous transports and oversized transport;

We provide services of technical surveillance of security systems (burglar /fire alarm)

Using technical devices from the operation centre, we remotely perform the surveillance of the changes and events on the technical devices installed at the client’s place.

Upon the alarm situation we provide services of timely intervention on the spot by our on-duty team. Our alarm monitoring centre works 24/7 and it is located on Vračar.

Our mobile teams are trained and equipped to come to the protected facility within eight to ten minutes depending on the proximity of your facility. We can also check the alarm state and, if it is really necessary, to wake up the client, call the fire-fighters, police or other responsible service.


Writing Acts on the risk assessment in the protection of people, property and business

The service is provided according to the license No 03/4 30441 from 13/02/2018, which was issued to our company by the Ministry of the Interior.

The service is provided according to the obligation resulting from the Law on Private Security (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 42/15 and 87/2018), Standard SRPS A.L2.003.2017 and the Rulebook on using technical protection and technical devices (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 71/2017).

The Acts for your needs are done by our licensed appraisers.

       The Act covers eleven business risks that endanger your company.

       With your company, we sign the Agreement of Making the Act and on non-disclosure of information;


Besides the mentioned Act, we are also educated and trained to make the following documents that follow the Act on Risk Assessment:

  • Plan on the protection of the organization;
  • Plan on the protection of ICT system;
  • Plan on technical protection;
  • Project of technical protection, personal data protection etc.


Assets and equipment


For the easier and higher-quality performance of tasks, we are equipped with the following:

  • Uniforms for security workers;
  • Armament for security workers;
  • Official vehicles, some of which are equipped with cameras and alarms;
  • RATEL license (state institution in charge of radio connection) for possessing radio station and repeater;
  • Metal detectors and torches;
  • Professional alco-test device;
  • Network of mobile phones in


Insurance and Policies


Sigurnost As owns the policies concluded with Dunav osiguranje insurance company:


  • Policy of general and professional responsibility

In case of damage made by severe negligence or misinterpretation of the security workers


  • Policy for insurance of consignment in domestic transport

The policy covers the damages and mistakes made when providing services in money transport


Besides the abovementioned, we have also concluded the Policies with the aim of the protection of our employees:

  • Policy of collective insurance of the employees in case of death ;
  • Policy of collective insurance in case of accident or disability;
  • Policy of insurance in case of cancer;


Taxes and contributions


Both of the companies regularly pay the taxes and contributions and they have no bank loans. All the taxes are paid in due time so that they can participate in public procurements and tenders.

The employees are regularly paid their salaries and given their payment lists. At the end of the year, according to Law, they get the receipt on the paid taxes and contribution on their salaries.


Reference list

Below is the list of some of the clients that have already given their trust to us:


AIR Srbija catering

Ministry of Finances Customs office

The Museum of the City of Belgrade

Greeneko Topola

Basketball association of Belgrade

Generali insurance company Ltd


City of Belgrade, City government

SOGAZ insurance company Ltd  

GP Građevinar

Institute for work medicine Karajović

Top Sofa     Vranje

GP Zlatibor gradnja,

Energoprojekt hidroinženjering,

New Yorker Serbia

Takko fashion Serbia

Schneider electric Serbia

Ateks moda

Health centre Vračar

AMSS agency

PARIS Beograd Exchange offices

Mikser house

Dragan Marković debtor in bankruptcy Obrenovac

Anigo MIL Beograd

JP Vodovod Šabac

Jugobanka debtor in bankruptcy

Rubikon Shipping Company


Concert of Robbie Williams in Belgrade

Concert SMAK band in Belgrade


From this resource paper you can get an insight of our abilities, both technical and professional. What makes us stand out from the other is primarily the organization of the abovementioned jobs and long experience measured in all these years. For further questions and agreements, please contact us.


Your trust is the foundation of our existence.

Yours faithfully,                                                                                      

Executive director   

Slaviša Ristić